Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

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Let’s see Ingredients

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Chicken marinade

    • 150ml of coconut cream

    • 2 tbs of soy sauce gluten free

    • 3 tbs of oyster sauce gluten free

    • 2 tbs of yellow curry powder

    • 1 tsp of turmeric powder 

    • 2 tbsp of sugar 

    • 500g of chicken thighs slice in cube

    • 1 tbs of coriander seed (cracked)

    • 1 tbs of white pepper powder

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Peanut Sauce

    • 300ml of coconut cream 

    • 2 tbs of canola oil

    • 100g of peanut crush

    • 30g of Massaman curry paste

    • 20g of red curry paste

    • 100 of soft palm sugar

    • 3 tbs of tamarind paste

    • 1 tbs of honey

    • 4 tbs of peanut butter

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How to

    1. Preheat canola oil whisk together with both curry paste in low heat then pour coconut cream until boil. Add put palm sugar and peanut butter.

    2. Heat up the sauce until both palm sugar and peanut butter blend with coconut cream. Then add honey, crushed peanut and tamarind sauce, whisk 2-3 tablespoons of water until desired consistency is reached.

    3. Set the sauce aside. Serve on top or side with chicken skewer.

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